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Monday, 13 November 2017

Dear Mountain

Dear Mountain, 

Sometimes life throws rocks at us, not rocks mountains that set us back – that make us look up and wonder how are we going to get over and past that mountain. But I have learnt that it’s not about taking the obvious route, climbing up it and over it to the other side. Instead, take a step back – look at the mountain and ask why. Why have you been placed there – is it to set me back? Or is it to make me reconsider my outlook. To reconsider my options, and the journey that is in front of me. To see things in a new light. To look at new paths and journey’s that I couldn’t see before, when my path was straight and simple. When my journey was straight forward and planned to make it easier to explore my journey. But this mountain has made me reconsider through a challenge of what is the best way to get around the mountain? What is the best way to go around, over, under, through the mountain to get the best possible outcome for me? To explore myself along the way. To challenge myself along the way. To push myself along the way. What can I do to feel proud of myself? For saying fuck the mountain, you haven’t set me back you have pushed me further forward than I ever could have been before you were there. You, Mountain, have given me opportunity. Opportunity to explore myself, who I am when tested. Who I am when under pressure. Who I am when I have not got the strength to climb over you. But I shall will myself to have the strength to find my path through you Mountain. Yes, I will. Because no mountain shall set me back, because I am strong enough to get past you. To feel stronger once I have battled you. Once I have tested myself and made myself better for it. You are not my enemy Mountain, you are my friend. Because friends test us and challenge us to be our best selves, just like you, Mountain. Friends help you see your strength, just like you, Mountain. Friends help you reach your top, just like I shall reach the top of you, Mountain. And my God shall I enjoy the view when I get there. Because I deserve to enjoy the view. I deserve to enjoy my achievements. You watch me get there, Mountain! You watch me push, and sweat and cry and laugh whilst I battle my way through. And then be there whilst I cheer at the top of you! Watch me whilst I strut away from you, on the other side. Watch me whilst I look back at you from the other side, and say thank you! Thank you for testing me, because I couldn’t have done it without you. I could not have achieved the best I can, without your challenge. So, thank you. Mountain.

Photo credit: John Chapman  

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